About Us

EasyLearn is a division of Mukesh & Associates with extensive experience in providing consultancy services for setting up institutes such as Vocational Training Institutes, Polytechnics as well as Engineering Colleges across India. EasyLearn is engaged in developing colourful, animated,interactive CBT packages (Computer Based Tutorials) for school children in Tamil and English languages.

The firm has been involved in the R&D activities since 2000 and clearly identified the needs of the school children of all sections. It has every thing that is required to develop world-class e-Learning resources. The company develops curriculum mapped multimedia contents for schools from primary to higher secondary education.

EasyLearn is driven by innovation and creativity, with a vision to conceptualize curriculum by utilizing multimedia.

Standing true to this vision, EasyLearn's research programmers are aimed purely towards teaching-learning methodologies. It has developed customized tools that take learning to a whole new level through an integrated, robust and interactive multimedia platform.

EasyLearn's e-learning resources help to prepare the student community to succeed in today's competitive global market place. Its multimedia packages unravel the excitement of self-initiated discover to the student. Online help students to assess their capabilities and performance.

Searching, experimenting, innovating, learning and moving ahead with sincere efforts and dedication, shaping the future and challenging the competencies to create new opportunities, is a never-ending process at EasyLearn. And these trials has helped ti achieve a credible name and established itself as one of the leaders in the industry.


This learning device is not only innovative but also interactive; this encourages the involvement of the students. The content is loaded with animations, quizzes and question banks for various subjects namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Subjects which are usually considered dull and boring will be shown in a new light which proves to be a delight for all students. This learning aid based on Tamilnadu State Board syllabus is available in Tamil for std. VI to X. it is available both in English and Tamil for std. XI and XII. It’s also available for 10th Matriculation syllabus.


The aim of every student is to achieve good results in their studies, which will pave way for a bright future. EasyLearn’s comptuer aided learning device is just the right tool that will help students in reaching their goals. With the help of EasyLearn’s interactive CDs, the teacher can easily explain any topic of any subject. Hence the students can understand the subject better and score higher marks in their examinations. Education will take a new turn with the help of EasyLearn’s computer aided learning resources. This adds fun and makes learning interesting and innovative. this in turn will bring joy to a student’s educational life.


  1. Easy and interesting learning experience.
  2. Focuses on profound understanding of subjects.
  3. Unravels the excitement of self-initiated discovery to students.
  4. Animation gives students a realistic picture.
  5. Complex scientific concepts and equations are presented in a simple, effective manner.
  6. Greater retention capacity.
  7. Higher scores in exams.
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